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Vertical Access LLC is a specialized building consulting firm offering a suite of services using industrial rope access techniques.

We collaborate with architects, engineers, and conservators nationwide to conduct hands-on investigations where gaining access is a challenge on:

  • Buildings - historic and modern: academic, healthcare, institutional, religious, residential, commercial, industrial
  • Civil structures: bridges, dams, infrastructure
  • Towers and smokestacks
  • Monuments and sculpture
Because accurate, intelligent collection of data in the field is essential, we have developed a Tablet PC Annotation System called TPAS®. While working at-height, our technicians input graphical and numerical conditions data and photos directly into AutoCAD drawings.

Deliverables include narrative reports, annotated drawings, photographs, spreadsheets of quantified data, and high definition video used for:

  • Accurate cost estimations for repairs, renovations and capital planning
  • Due diligence property assessments for real estate transactions
  • Facade ordinance inspections
  • Archiving of existing conditions

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Tablet PC Annotation System, TPAS®

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